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I used to think that whoever OK’d that grim grey kit from the mid 90’s could never be surpassed. But those ‘footballing’ men at the Club that are behind the decision to join the proposed European Super League, are an abomination.

Sir Matt would be turning in his grave. His vision of Manchester United as the pioneers of English representation on the continent, is in the gutter. Make no mistake, this is something that Matt Busby would NOT have wanted. 

Paddy Crerand (left) with Matt Busby (centre) and George Best lifting the European Cup (Credit: unknown)

Gary Neville, a United legend, knows what this means for British football. He knows the impact that this would have. There is the wider game to consider here. Neville gave the most impassioned speech on Sky Sports tonight. Neville was brutal and I can’t think of any fan, that wants this league. This is the most ill thought out idea. The timing of it is just bizarre. With stadiums devoid of spectators alongside a world that is in the grip of a pandemic. You have to wonder what planet these people are on?

I’m disgusted with Manchester United and Liverpool the most. Liverpool say they’re the people’s club, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, the fan’s club. Manchester United, 100 years, born around workers around here, and they’re breaking into a league without competition, that they can’t be relegated from.


Gary Neville speaking on Sky Sports reacts to the European Super league proposals.


The most baffling thing is, the European super league already exists. The Champions League is THE super league. It allows the cream of European club football the right to fight for glory. The current Champions of Europe, Bayern Munich are against the proposal at this point in time. It is a shame that the giants of English football, Liverpool and Manchester United, aren’t equally opposed. Gary Neville spoke of our fiercest football rivals, and rightly called them out on their arrogant behaviour. It felt like he was effectively trying to embarrass both clubs into rejecting the idea.

The current proposal would see England’s so-called ‘Big Six’ joining an elite European league. This would effectively be a ‘closed shop’ with no promotion or relegation. At the time of writing there has been no official statement from the Club. It’s to be hoped that these proposals end up in the bin, where they belong!


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Missed the glorious 70s. Had to "make do" with the not-so-glorious 80s. First United hero - Stevie Coppell. Then Robbo came. Nuff said.

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