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Bruno Fernandes | Are United too reliant on him ?

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Bruno Fernandes has been a magnificent player for Manchester United. His impact for the club has been revolutionary. Despite joining the club one year ago, January 29th 2020, the Portuguese talisman has already claimed 29 goals and 20 assists. He did this in just 54 appearances for United, of which he mainly started. This shows his complete importance to the club as the average Football team plays 60 games a season.

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Statistically, Bruno has played approximately 54 out of 63 games for United since he has joined. His impressive appearance record this season also disregards international games, as he has been massively involved with the squad. Despite this, The ‘Portuguese Magnifico’, has not yet received a major injury for United yet. Thankfully. But how long can he stay in this condition for?

Fernandes on the receiving end of a bad challenge (Eurosport).

As he has been playing nearly every game for club and country, Fernandes will undoubtably be more susceptible to fatigue problems. Especially in the current Covid-19 climate. Yet, Fernandes has been a crucial part of United’s success this season and is now in a position where he is undroppable. This applies to teams which are considered, ‘less talented’.

Fernandes being subbed while losing (Metro).

While Fernandes is almost never taken off the for a bad performance, he is commonly subbed with the intention of rest. The conditioning of players in the current game is being tested massively due to the vast amount of games and the short time for rest between each of them. This is especially applicable to star players who are relied upon, like Bruno Fernandes. The negative effects from playing too many games can be seen with several players, such as Marcus Rashford.

Rashford suffering from a recurring back injury (Manchester Evening News).

Rashford has fallen injured multiple times with his back, the first of which was inflicted in late 2019 following a long run of games. However, this may be due to the young age of Rashford and the demands of the position he plays, which is mostly on either wing. Fortunately for United, Fernandes has not yet had worries like this, in fact he has only ever had two major injuries in his career and he only missed out 10 days collectively.

Tired? At 26 years of age, I can’t be tired

Bruno Fernandes

Fernandes’ determination and longing to play each game is inspirational. However, it must be monitored. For United, it is crucial that Fernandes remains un injured, as the chance of winning looks slightly less likely without him. Even though there are other good players competing for Fernandes’ position. They have not been able to contribute the same statistics. The real question is, can United compete without our talisman ?

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