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David De Gea | What happened to the former best goalkeeper in the world ?

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Once upon a time, David De Gea was the best goalkeeper in the world. He was the face of fine goalkeeping. Now, he’s on the verge of being dropped from the first team after consistently making schoolboy errors in what seems like every game. So what happened to the best goalkeeper in the world? The goalkeeper who stood head and shoulders above the competition.

(Manchester United’s youtube)

David De Gea joined Manchester United in the summer transfer window of 2011. Leaving Atletico Madrid for the low fee of around £20 million. At the time, fans were sceptical of the young Spanish keeper. Their worries seemed to be justified after he had a noticeably rocky start to his United career. However, the club never lost faith in De Gea. That trust in him led to an incredible legacy for our number 1.

 look back at the signings Alex Ferguson made, I just wonder if he’s the best one he ever made. If you think of the great signings; Cantona, Van Persie, Ronaldo, he’s up there with them.

Phil Neville

I told De Gea after the match, what I saw today was the best from a goalkeeper in the world.

Jose Mourinho

He’s the best around. There’s no doubt about that.

Paul Scholes

Praised by many, David De Gea has clearly made a monumental impact on the club, leading to him becoming the unanimous best in the world. His stellar reputation and performances have faltered as of late though. In the past 3 seasons, the Spain international has had an untimely fall from grace. It’s no secret that he isn’t the best anymore, and that’s massively showing with United’s form.

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The spaniard has been pivotal to United’s success in recent times. He has created the reputation of single handedly winning points for the team. Now, he has become one of the first players at which the blaming finger is pointed at. The blatant errors and mistakes that he makes justify the criticism. However, it still feels like we have to rely on De Gea having world class performances every game.

(Manchester United’s youtube).

Coincidentally, as soon as the reliance of solidarity from De Gea has disappeared or lowered, the level of performances dropped massively. This is especially visible under the tutelage of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, as he is playing as a shadow of his old self. This season has been very tough for De Gea, it is obvious that his confidence has been drained and he is once again struggling with the physical aspect of the game.

(Manchester United’s Youtube).

It’s obvious to see that every Manchester United fan expects more from De Gea. There’s no doubt that the players and the manager expects more too. However, the few bad games cannot be allowed to overshadow the good games he has had this season.

Fans must remember the machine that he once was and to bring back that great keeper, he has to be encouraged. The slander and abuse that De Gea receives can only produce a negative impact. United must have faith that he can be the best once again.

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