Social media and their role in tackling racism

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Manchester United suffered a 2 – 1 defeat to Sheffield United. This was of course a disappointing evening for players and the fans alike. Disappointment can lead to a whole host of reactions, and inexplicably, some feel this warrants reacting with racist abuse. A few idiots felt compelled to hurl racist remarks at Axel Tuanzebe, but why did they feel it necessary to do so?

Because they can, and they can do so with excruciating ease and comfort. They can do so in the knowledge that there will be little to no consequence. Depressingly, they will do so again. They will do so again unless something is done once and for all. Must we wait for more victims before there is change? It is quite simply negligent from the powers that be.

Social media has yet again acted as a weapon for some truly deplorable individuals to freely wield their rancid racist remarks. I see no reason to repeat the senseless words or show the images of the vitriol. They can often thrive off the attention, the notoriety of it all, they are a deranged breed that need culling.

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Rightly so this vile act of cowardice has been widely condemned. Is condemnation enough, though? Does condemnation prevent this from happening again? Evidently further measures need to be implemented by the executives of social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. It is far too easy for these hideous creatures to spawn more accounts and continue with their abuse, they are a Hydra of hate with multiple vicious heads. One can be severed and there are many more ready to attack. They need burying. Permanently

At this moment in time, Twitter and Instagram are complicit. I am by no means an expert on the technological side of social media, but there needs to be a swift alteration to how accounts are created, and how many can be created. Formal identification of sorts could be required to register for a Twitter or an Instagram account. Faces and names could have to be provided before making an account. This alone would act as a deterrent for the faceless few who are protected with a shield of anonymity.

If such safeguards were introduced, registered users that were found to be racially abusive – or commit any other crimes – would have linked a name and a face to their words. This would enable the relevant authorities to punish them accordingly. As well as this, they would in theory be forbidden from creating social media accounts. Perhaps there are other innovative methods that could be introduced. Campaigns such as Kick It Out could liaise with those who work within social media to ensure that racism is not only kicked out, it is stamped out.

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By definition, united means togetherness and unity. We at AllForUnited are just that, we are all for United, we are all for togetherness and unity. We are all for positive change and equality. We are vehemently against racism and all forms of hate and prejudice. Those who do not share these values and spread racist hate are not welcome at Manchester United. They are a stain on football and a stain on humanity. It goes without saying, Axel Tuanzebe is a phenomenal talent with immense character, two qualities – amongst many – that these trolls are devoid of. He will go from strength to strength.

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