The Glazers: Selling our Soul for Spanish Gold

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The Glazers over the last couple of weeks have effectively sealed their fate in the eyes of Manchester United fans. Despite the failure of the European Super League there can be no let up in the pressure from Utd fans to get these owners out of the club. In this article we will look at what we can do to save United and what the most likely outcomes are.

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The last 2 weeks

As everyone knows the European Super League lasted about as long as a Liverpool title parade. Joel Glazer was set to be Florentino Perez’ right hand man in the new competition. Broadcasters, pundits and even players rallied against it. Every English side pulled out of it within a matter of hours.

Following this, the club announced that Ed Woodward would be stepping down as Chief Executive of Manchester United. This was a source of great delight for Utd fans all over the world but the job is only half done. Joel Glazer released a public apology to Utd fans, this was the first time he has spoken to us since 2005. Utd fans saw right through this apology. It was a PR stunt to try and claw back some reputation in the eyes of the football world. It failed. Not only Utd fans but the entire football world has had enough of these parasites.

Protests and Demonstrations

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The outrage from Utd fans sparked an organised protest that took place outside Old Trafford on the 24th of April. Thousands of fans showed up in their green and gold to show what Manchester United stood for. The message was clear. The Glazers are not welcome. In general the protest was in good taste with of course a few exceptions. It was a nice change to see this fanbase ironically united.

One look at social media on a matchday would show you the division between fans but this is one common goal for the whole MUFC family. The next protest is this coming Saturday the 2nd of May. If you are in the area, get yourself down to Old Trafford for 2pm. This protest is significant because it’s before Man Utd vs Liverpool and mainstream media will be all over Old Trafford. This is a real chance for the millions to notice these protests and show that Utd fans all want one outcome.

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What Happens Next?

With the fallout of the ESL, there have been calls over the football world for some reforms to football ownership in the UK. The main one being that the English Premier League needs to adopt the 50+1 rule as used in Germany. While this would be a great thing to have in place it seems somewhat unachievable in the current climate. Over the last 2 years Premier League clubs have relied on their owners more than ever. Removing the shares they hold in each club will have a huge impact the bottom of the league as well as the top. A much more realistic type of reform would be a type of legislation going by the name of ‘Golden Shares’.

What it would mean in theory is that 51% of the season ticket holders would make decisions for the club without owning it. This has so many benefits to Utd as the Glazers wouldn’t be able to pull a stunt like the ESL ever again. This type of reform is more likely than the others due to it’s simplicity in introducing it. Whatever happens this fiasco has shown everyone that we cannot trust the Glazers to run Manchester United. It is up to us as fans to make our voices heard and force their hand.

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