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What is with all the hate for Ole? – When will sense prevail?

Ole celebrating a derby win

Lack of fitness not an issue

Some of the big sides that went deep into tournaments got battered this weekend. It seems as if, when Ole says anything, he is ridiculed. But if another manager mentions the same, the general public agrees?

After the season opener vs Crystal Palace where United lost 3-1, Ole suggested that a lack of preseason would mean the returning teams would need 4-5 games to get up to speed.

Premier league results Matchday 3 –

A Manchester City blitz on the opening day, coupled with a Wolverhampton Wanderers victory meant Ole would be ridiculed for a week after United’s tired display. The twitter universe chimed in calling Ole a bad coach because he claimed a lack of match sharpness. It is important to always apply context though.

Paul Pogba had just recovered from COVID-19 and had 4 days training. McTominay had to start due to Matic’s lack of fitness and Aaron Wan-Bissaka had only trained for a few days. This meant Timothy Fosu-Mensah took his spot at right back. Clearly, Ole had a point.

Fast forward a few days later. Man City get absolutely clobbered 5-2 in a glorious manner. They looked tired. Almost as if, fitness and lack of preseason was never an issue. City clearly ran out of steam. Had Pep said this last week, not many would have labelled it a sorry excuse – or whatever.

Next up, Wolves get hammered at none other than West Ham United. Wolves ran out of steam last week vs City themselves. Then got overrun on Saturday vs WHU. Wolves, United and City have conceded 5,6 and 7 goals respectively. 3 of the top 5 defensive teams last year.

Ole has no tactics

Then we have the ‘Ole has no tactics’ crew. How can a football manager have no tactics? How can slick passing triangles [on the edge of the box] we see often be labelled as individual brilliance when in fact the regularity points to a tactic in place. It is an exhausting argument to make. The hate for individual brilliance as a source of productivity is truly absurd when generational talents are heralded for their individual influence on games.

Ole relies on Individual brilliance

Eden Hazard at Chelsea, played with patterns of play but his individual moments often turned the game around more than a well drilled movement exercise. He was revered for it. Along with his varying managers’ being geniuses for putting him on the pitch. Thomas Tuchel often relies on Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and Angel Di Maria to dig him out of trouble. Yet Ole is not allowed to have individual brilliance winning games at any time.

Getty images

Ole does not shout from the sidelines enough

‘Ole does not stand at the touchlines all the time shouting instructions, its bad management.’

Where does one start with that? I remember seeing Jose (for United) as he would shout from the sidelines, only to watch us get battered. It is all irrelevant though. Every manager has their own character.

DO NOT celebrate last minute winners unless the performance was great

Apparently those that celebrate last minute United goals no matter the fashion are not real fans and support Ole blindly. Imagine not celebrating ’99 Munich win because you were concerned we were batted by Bayern all evening. Fergie time was largely due to a poor display too. Fergie time represented a short 5-10 minute revival. Winning when undeserving or ‘winning ugly.’ And yet we have fans who refuse to celebrate a last minute winning penalty against a guy who just panenka’d us and did a crying face?

The hate for Ole is truly affecting some fans ability to enjoy being Manchester United fans. Enjoy being hated. When Ole speaks, he generally says the most sensible thing. Maybe that is his drawback. Some cannot handle sense. Fantasy and false dawns are key.

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