Where has the passion gone ?

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The world of football is evolving, just as fast as the world is evolving. This has made drastic changes to the game, making the sport more commercialised and ‘PG’. Unfortunately, this has caused the once great rivalries such as United vs Liverpool and United vs Arsenal to be heavily diluted. But why has this happened?

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The FA (football association) have been blamed for the ‘watered down’ spirit of football matches. One main reason for this consists of the new harsh rules that have been inducted. In 2011, Wayne Rooney was given a two-match ban for ‘foul language’ after celebrating a goal which was crucial for a win against the Hammers.  

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As well as banning players for swearing, the FA have become much harsher on the severity of tackles. In the past, defenders have had much more freedom with the challenges they make. Now they must be careful with every tackle they make, meaning that they can’t play with the same fiery spirit. There have been several instances where a player has been carded for a completely fine challenge, with some of them being red cards.  

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The new technique of diving, perfected by you know who, has completely changed the way a player makes a challenge. Fear of a foul, or even punishment, will stop a player making an important tackle. The diving tactic has limited the amount of passion a player can utilise, too much passion in defending will almost always result in a foul. This wasn’t the case in the past.  

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Players like Nemanja Vidic used passion as a tool to win, which was the standard, but the players today must think of so much more. The current regulations, enforced by the football organisations, are designed to make the sport and those who play it completely safe. This has caused a lot of criticism from fans and players. 

You don’t contest football matches in a reasonable state of mind.

Roy Keane

Roy Keane constantly criticises the way football is played today, especially with United players. He is one of the most aggressive players in premier league history, yet he was one of the best players that the league has ever seen. Despite this, the way Keane played football would not be effective in the current game.  

Passion is disappearing from football because it is being kicked out of football.  

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