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Why England will regret losing Aaron Wan-Bissaka

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Aaron Wan-Bissaka is currently deciding whether he will represent England or the Democratic Republic of Congo. While he was born in London, he is of Congolese decent which means he can represent the country of his choosing. England have clearly made no intent to ensure Wan-Bissaka chooses them. This is strange, due to he being one of the best full backs in the world.

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This would be a big mistake for England. He has shown his superior defending ability time after time for Manchester United. The defending prowess of Aaron Wan-Bissaka has earned him the status of ‘the best one on one defender in the world’, as said by Jamie Carragher. This characteristic of Wan-Bissaka is unmatched for a full back, and we all know that England could do with the help in that department.

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If the admiration from a Liverpool legend isn’t enough for Southgate. It is always a foregone conclusion that when he comes up against Raheem Sterling, Aaron comes out on top. Is this not enough for Gareth? This has helped with the record that Ole currently holds against Manchester City.

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Sterling isn’t the only world class winger that Wan-Bissaka has nullified either. The list is incredible; Neymar, Salah, Mbappe and Mane. United’s number 29 has performed brilliantly against these names, allowing United to grab a well deserved win. So, if the the full backs defending isn’t the problem. Southgate must be looking for his fullbacks to attack.

I love tackles. I want to come out with the most tackles from each game. That’s my aim.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

This could be the problem for Wan-Bissaka. Attacking has been his Achilles heel for the past two seasons. If you were to compare him to the next best right back for England; Trent Alexander-Arnold. The attacking statistics are not completely different. In fact, both of the full backs have the same amount of goal contributions this season (both players have played the same amount of games at the time of writing).

We always knew that he was going to be hard to beat. He’s one of the best one v one defenders I’ve ever seen, but he used to be a winger when he was younger, so he’s got it in him.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

The big question is: why hasn’t he been picked for England yet? It seems to be a mystery. Not just for United fans, but for everyone. Defensively he is the best for England. No doubt about it. From an attacking perspective, he is right up there with the competition. It would be an absolute tragedy if he isn’t called up for the England squad. He would be a huge contributor to England’s chances of winning a trophy.

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